November 27, 2005

where geeks keep recipes


i'm slowly but surely copying my recipes out of a voodoo pad file i have and into my brand new wiki.

add a recipe if you're feeling plucky. who knows, if i think it sounds good, i'll try it and write about it.

ryan robinson sent me a recipe and i posted it, so hey, post your own!

at any rate, it's a good place for you to keep your recipes too, i guess. good times.

oh, i'm also totally into how much it looks like wikipedia.

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November 17, 2005

jogging blagojevich sighting #2

11.05am today at the corner of southbound ravenswood and lawrence - right by the golden nugget.

i also saw him last july.

he was again being followed by a security guy on a bike. this time, the guy looked bundled up enough for dogsledding. the gov just had on a long sleeved running shirt and tights.

i'm pretty sure he wasn't wearing a wire under his outfit. i did say they were tights.

he waved to everyone in their cars waiting for the light to turn. pretty funny.

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November 16, 2005


the golden angel tells it like it is.

bring on the bacon.

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