February 21, 2008

omg, a test.

beer bread macarons with raspberry filling brioche loaf brioche w/bee sting topping

today was day two of my three-day breads, breakfast pastries, and petits fours exam.

yesterday, i turned in an ok lemon pound cake. it was baked well, but apparently it was dense - a sign of over working the batter. i find this amazing, since i mixed that one by hand. getting eggs to the ribbon stage by hand will make you break a sweat.

these are photos of what i turned in today.

beer bread - turned out fine, could've had a more random crumb.

macarons with raspberry filling. these are some of the best macarons i've made so far. good timing on my part.

a loaf of brioche. this turned out damn near perfect.

and brioche with a bee sting topping, which is basically butter, honey, and almonds. these also turned out well.

Posted by donna at February 21, 2008 04:35 PM

Hope it's not like tending bar, where the bartender has to drink the mistakes.

Send them to us instead -- you know the address.

We are impressed!

Love, Bill & Lorraine

Posted by: florida droolers at February 23, 2008 09:26 AM