January 30, 2008

the last of the breads.

earl grey tea cake, beer bread, & blueberry muffins multigrain sourdough, country bread in two shapes, and two brioche a tete

up top, there's a earl grey tea cake, some beer bread - the beer is in a coating that is painted on pre-proofing, and some really, seriously good blueberry muffins.

below, there is some multi-grain sourdough, some country bread in two decorative shapes, and two brioche a tete.

my day today started just after 6 am. i got to attend a class being taught by bronwen weber, a seriously amazing cake artist and a genuinely cool lady. it was a pretty amazing way to start your day. i had to pinch myself several times. i saw how she makes the chef's bust cake, a photo of which is on this page.(it was the head, not the whole chef body cake!)

anyways, tomorrow we start petits fours!

Posted by donna at January 30, 2008 11:33 PM