January 26, 2008

so. much. food.

the croissants & some brioche slices
almost all the pastries we made on friday
the stuff i brought home

on friday, we made sourdough baguettes, pain aux raisins(though not as good as the ones i've had in france), marble cake, kugelhopf, assorted danishes including apricots, plums and pears, almond cream filled croissants, and brioche bostock.

in the top photo, you see day-old croissants sliced in half and slices of brioche awaiting almond cream.

technically, the chef-instructor made the sourdough dough and then we split it up, shaped it and baked it.

the danish dough was started on thursday, and then rolled out and shaped on friday. these by far are my favorite. especially the star-shaped one with the apricot in the center. the spiral-shaped ones are technically pain aux raisins, but they're different than the ones i had in france.

there is also a pistachio, chocolate, vanilla marble pound cake which i think got slightly overcooked.

the large, crown-like cake is a kugelhopf. it's a yeast dough-based cake with raisins baked in a special terracotta mold.

there's a funny story behind the kugelhopf involving the three kings and a peg-legged baker in Alsace... but it's probably not true.

here's a nyt link that explains a bit more about it.

i brought home nearly two grocery bags full of stuff.

Posted by donna at January 26, 2008 08:20 PM

Keep on sharing. I hope you are knitting some in between cooking spree's, hot dog sampling and noshing. Cold here in A2. Be good
have fun. No one seems to do tuesday night knit any longer. Ciao, ciao.

Posted by: erica at January 29, 2008 02:35 PM