April 12, 2006

god bless the pampas

i just got back from argentina, or more specifically buenos aires.

before i went, i wasn't very fond of steak.
but oh man, do i like it now.

coincidentally, today someone at the site idlewords.com posted an amazing entry called argentina on two steaks a day that explains why argentine beef is so special.

honestly, it makes me want to head back to argentina tomorrow. i didn't eat enough cow. i probably only ate about 5 steaks during my two-week visit. however, i'm proud to say that i did order some sweetbreads - a giant portion of sweetbreads with fries, onion rings, and watercress - and managed to finish about half of it.

photos from our trip are here on flickr. and there are movies here.

stay tuned for my post about my argentine hotdog - a foot-long monstrosity called a 'super pancho.'

Posted by donna at April 12, 2006 02:16 PM

Yes Donna242 is back to posting! Careful that meat will kilya.

Posted by: Zack at April 12, 2006 03:04 PM

Hi Donna! I´m very happy you enjoyed my city! I´m looking at the pictures right now, you are such a talented photograph!!!
We had a great time that Saturday´s morning shopping at the yarn district together!
Take care! Vik

Posted by: Vik at April 15, 2006 02:14 PM