June 20, 2005

about six reasons why i haven't been posting as much

1. the wavy scarf
2. the giant ravenclaw scarf that swallows ted
3. the strawberry hat
4. the feather shawl
5. the spiral scarf
6. the assloads of comment spam that overwhelmed me
6.x general laziness

anyways, i finally got off my ass and upgraded my movable type installation and mt blacklist, so now the comment spam seems to have stopped. i also found a nice plug-in called 'conversation killer' that automatically closes commenting on older posts.

the one shitty thing is that i can't figure out how to turn off comment approval. despite my checking and re-checking my preferences and re-building, i still have to approve each and every comment. at least it sends me an email notification so i can be on-the-ball about it without having to check the site constantly. so bear with me for a bit if you want to post a comment, i'll make sure it gets posted asap. xoxo

Posted by donna at June 20, 2005 10:47 AM

Nice scarf! ted looks absolutely tiny & stunning in it.

Posted by: Jamal at June 20, 2005 03:54 PM