February 16, 2005

who knits on the toilet?

in a bathroom stall in fort worth, texas i saw this little sign on the feminine product refuse container.

now, there's a little symbol for a tampon, but what are those two sticks?

is it just me or is that top stick a knitting needle or a xylophone mallet?

or, is it a gross misrepresentation of those sticks that some tampons come with for insertion?

but wait - in their infinite wisdom, the sign designers have depicted a cross-section through the garbage receptacle. apparently, the sign designers feel they need to aquaint us ladies with how the trash can works.

so don't throw your knitting needles away yet. i'm sure they're working on the equally confusing, yet appropriate sign for the appropriate receptacle.

Posted by donna at February 16, 2005 12:34 PM