September 23, 2004

happy returns

this is how cool sydney is. that's me in front of luna park. if you ever go to sydney, you'd do well to take the ferry over to luna park.

so, i've been back from australia a week and a half and i think i'm finally over the jetlag. did you know that they are 15 hours ahead of chicago in sydney? 15 hours! that's more than a half a day!

i came home on wednesday. the strange thing was this: i left sydney at 11 am and arrived in LA at 9 am the same day. i went back in time.

i had a wedding to go to in milwaukee on the saturday i returned. i'll see about getting a few photos of that somewhere. it was really swank - the reception was at the milwaukee art museum which was designed by santiago calatrava (one of my favorites, if not my most favorite architect). it was also a beautiful wedding and my friend erin (the bride) looked absolutely happy. this guy is good for her.

for now, you may amuse yourself by perusing the 151 photos + soundbites and movies from sydney. some of the shots were taken by my friend monkeyann. she's in a lot of the photos.

Posted by donna at September 23, 2004 11:57 PM