June 18, 2004

excessive, yet fun.

last night, i ate dinner at the haunted mansion dinner theater thingy at disney mgm studios theme park.

it was a big production. it was hosted by madame carlotta and her faithful butler, broome. and i thought my job was strange - these people host fake dinner parties at disney world all under the conceit that you're at the haunted mansion. well, you are kinda at the mansion, it's the actual set they used in the movie - yeah the crappy one with eddie murphy.

the food was pretty good and pretty strange. pictured is the 'blood orange sorbet' artfully served atop a hollow skull made of ice that is made to glow with red led's and made to steam with little chunks of dry ice. yeah, pretty over the top.

the main course was a giant rib-eye steak served with some sort of merlot reduction poured over it. it looked just like blood. inspired, i say.

Posted by donna at June 18, 2004 11:44 AM