May 07, 2004

sexy hardware, sexier name

a couple days ago, i went to the crafty beaver. i live right down the street from it. it's pretty convenient.

unlike home depot, there are plenty of knowledgable people at the crafty beaver available to help you. in fact, it's better to just tell them what you're looking for and let them guide you around the store. this is how a hardware store should be. they also have an amazing machine there for cutting plywood. they charge you .25/cut, i think. what a deal! i love the crafty beaver.

this trip, i got some ceiling hooks, a filter for my heater (it's 24x14x1 in case you're wanting to send gifts), and a watering can. i spent less than 8 dollars.

Posted by donna at May 7, 2004 02:01 PM