April 11, 2004

are they insulted?

so, i'm in my car on friday afternoon and i'm listening to npr and there's this interview with a woman from roanoke, va who is the creative director of this ballet company who is creating this nascar ballet.

apparently this 'ballet' involves dancers in form-fitting leotards emblazoned with the logos of the production's sponsors careening around a banked racetrack/dancefloor complete with a pit and pit crew in case of the unlikely 'accident'. to keep the audience's attention, there will be three video screens above the stage, each displaying different footage - some of actual nascar races!

i'm dying to know what the nascar people think of this.

do you think they'll start having gerhard richter and ed paschke paint their cars? i might be convinced to start watching nascar, if only for a few minutes.

Posted by donna at April 11, 2004 11:03 PM